A letter by Fatima’s Peter the Roman briefly explaining Our Lady’s Queen Ship and why Outside the Roman Catholic Church there is NO SALVATION.

Dear Manuel Silveira

If you could focus your writings on the “Lord” giver of life proceeding in Divine Humility from Both God the Father and God the Son in Mans redemption as stated in the Creed it would be of great help. Please remember humility is Wisdom as stated in Scripture.. by doing this you will lead into the CoRedemptrix Dogma because in Divine Humility/Wisdom Our Lady was the Physical mirror image of the Holy Spirit who also “proceeded” in divine Humility/Wisdom From God the Father and God the Son in Mans redemption.

Our Lady’s divine Obedience in Humility/Wisdom magnifies The Holy Spirit by being the Physical Image of the Lord Giver of Life. This is why Jesus Christ our Lord and savior gave His beloved mother The Greatest Gift Of All as to unify them both infinitely as one though having two different Origins. One being eternal the Other being Conceived. She alone gives graces to know Her Son as to be in Image of Her Son perfecting the Soul.

Also this infinite unity is not conceivable by human intellect. This infinite unity is why Our Lady is Queen Of Both Earth And Heaven. This unity had to exist as to fulfill universal truth found in the Creed “God from God light from Light true God From true God…” Her total abandonment to Gods Will perfectly unified Her infinitely to the Holy Spirit as to give birth to Our Lord and Savior. Her title as Chaste Spouse Of the Holy Spirit is not by union of two opposing genders. God is certainly no Zeus! Their unity is because She is in perfect communion of physical mirror image the Holy Spirit Both proceeding from God the Father and God the Son in Mans salvation.

Even the Protestant know that ones kingship or kingship in Heaven is do to being in communion with the Holy Spirit who to is universal truth. This is why there is no salvation outside the Church. One can not be unified to the Holy Spirit unless they abandon thier will and pride as to be humble to accept universal truth as taught by the Roman Catholic Church.

As Christ stated it’s not enough to be sinless to get into Heaven one must be perfect. This meaning perfecting all 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit who is infinitely infused with the Immaculate Conception. She alone teaches all of mankind through the graces of the Mother Church to be in Image of Her Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To reject one or the other who are in perfect unity of the Roman Catholic Church teachings is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit.

God Bless you Manuel Silveira and I love you,

Peter the Roman

Wait there is a PS to this

The other main way to understand there is NO SALVATION outside the Roman Catholic Church is to understand the Holy Spirit as Spouse/Mother but masculine by divine position of authority just like the Spouse/Mother is in the Family unite. Once one understand this and unites this to the truth given to the Jews that the mother alone only has the lawful right to intercede the Child’s behalf to make the child’s rightful claim to the Fathers inheritance. Christ took all Jews Laws on a natural level and Raised it to a supernatural level. This law to like all others was raised up to supernatural level in accordance to universal truth. All Jewish laws written or in tradition was fulfilled by Christ and raised up to supernatural state, as to build HIS church so that practicing Catholics also could fulfill every Jewish law! Meaning doting every i and crossing every t.

The Jews have to accept the Trinity and The Protestants Have to accept all 5 Dogmas. Either way there is one Mother fully and infinitely united to the Immaculate ETERNAL God also know as Holy Spirit. She as infinitely one, alone can make the rightful claim to Christ inheritance and only Catholics lawfully identify and acknowledge this as so She can and does rightful intercede for us on Judgment day. As in the Jewish law the Child has to identify their mother as to have her make the rightful claim. This to is lifted to a supernatural level.

Rest who reject or do not have a devotion to Our Lady CoRedemptrix is going straight to hell for not having a Mother as to intercede on thier behalf as to make a rightful spiritual claim to the Eternal Fathers inheritance. Now Mrs Clinton knows that she herself is a bastered child universally speaking and not us practicing Roman Catholics.

8 thoughts on “Letter to a friend explaining why Outside the Roman Catholic Church there is NO SALVATION!

  1. I have been a Catholic since I was baptised in Ireland in 1938. However, I find it very hard to accept that only Catholics go to Heaven. Do you mean to imply that all members of the Orthodox churches in Eastern Europe and elsewhere will go to Hell when they die? Do you mean to imply that devout and faithful Protestants of all and every denomination will go to Hell when they die? If that is really what you mean to imply I am very pleased to remember that
    when I die it will be the God of Mercy and Compassion and not your good self who will be my judge.


    1. The mercy you Protestant will receive at best and I mean at best is Hell of the Just or Purgatory. If every ones belief were universal there would have been no need to Christ live die and resurrect as to give us His Church with the Sacraments. So you keep believe what ever you want as all Protestant do. No humility to the Church’s teachings and that’s why yalls pride blinds you guys. Pride to reject what the Church has always taught and now it’s clarified for you and you are either to ignorant of the Universal Truth or to Prideful as to reject salvation as God Planned, not you or anyone else

      If you want some kind of pat on the back or some kind of pain management for the guilt of your sins as Christ taught His Church then I suggest you go right now ask for confession and come back to the bossom of the Holy Mother Church

      Peter the Roman


    2. My job is to inform not convince. If that statement you said you really truly believe then you would have never written a comment. Fact is your searching and strungling. My suggestion is go back and embrace the gift you were given as to be a light and leader to those who are in your cure position now that you will overcome. Find the answer through the Church teachings.


  2. Outside the Church there is no salvation…
    This is not ABSOLUTE…as you would put the INFINITE MERCY of God in a box.
    The WISDOM behind this is the FULLNESS of the Truth and Sacraments belong only to Catholic Church…
    But, other Faith can enter Heaven as God will judge them according to the measure they received….and the Purgatory is their sure place of Purification…
    While the Catholic Faith having it’s FULLNESS of Grace can give a Soul a direct access to Heaven like the Saints & Martyrs who witnessed the faith…God has demanded more from us….
    We are the ones who will intercedes and offer sacrifices and prayers for the lack of graces of other faith…That’s our responsibility as more had been given to us….

    Your teaching on the Most Holy Trinity and the Immaculate Conception is good but still a little bit confusing and need more clarity.

    While your teaching that the Church Victory in the End Times coincides with St.Montfort…but need more expounding..

    The only disagreement I had with your Blog is your view on the Novus Ordo .
    Overall I still have to discern other pointer you had made that’s relevant to Divine Revelation.



    1. Great feed back. I am certainly no writer and I often beg to address theologians or anyone for that matter in person as to address confusion caused by my poor writing.


  3. I like your blog on H2O analogy on the Trinity…I’m a Chemical Engineer so I can really relate to that…and it’s fascinated me how it can be presented that way…Hydrogen(H2) or H and H are the Father and the Begotten Son as co-substantial meaning the same. and they are just ONE because the valence electron is only one also….As Jesus said He and the Father are ONE….but when it comes to the Holy Spirit it pertains to O2 or Oxygen because it is synonimous to giving life….and fanning the FIRE…Fire of the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room…
    And most important also the Hydrogen is synonimous to Almighty POWER because it can explodes..
    The Periodic Elements ranking also speaks…Hydrogen is number 1 in Periodic Table of Elements meaning HIGHEST/FIRST…and Oxygen is number 8 meaning INFINITE….and the most interesting part is that the valence electron of Oxygen is 2….meaning the Holy Spirit and Immaculate Conception are INFINITELY UNITED…
    Great ideas…I thought Hebrew Tetragammaton is valuable in deciphering hidden meaning on the words….but God Wisdom is so Great…CHEMICAL SCIENCE is also applicable to GOD..I’m in AWE!


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