It is time the Church clears up some issues as to make peace and to give proper “counsel”. Judgment implies a punishment and certainly there is not punishment in a good counceling session.

The Roman Catholic Church embraces those individual who are “struggling” with homosexual and transgender issues.

God ask ALL to put up a good fight and certainly LGBT issues are serious spiritual battle that is brought into the physical world. Those who bear this heavy cross and put up a good fight they should be certainly seen as worthy of the stature of the greatest of saints. However let the Church be clear on this issue. Those who die actively engage and embracing the ideology of the LBGT then let it be known that their condemnation by God is upon them as they freely choose to ignore Church teaching and counciling and are in rebellious Image of the beast who says ME, MYSELF AND I know Universal truth of salvation over Christ own teachings He gave His Church. (note: man was made on the 6th day and when man puts his knowledge over the will of God he has made himself in Image of the beast 666 ME MYSELF AND I. Essentially man makes himself God by putting their knowledge and understanding of what is right and wrong above Gods. Those who do are truly the AntiChrist.

It is only those who are in traditional marriage or sacramental life of Holy Orders who are in Image of The 1 God who is 3 divine persons. Simply put “Active” homosexual are in Image of the beast aka unholy trinity. Bellow is the Holy Trinity of the 1 God in 3 divine persons. God the Father God the Son and God the Spouse/Mother whos masculinity is by divine position of Authority. Lord as in Lord giver of life is NOT gender specific and is a 2ndry pronoun that is masculine by position of authority. (Ref the Creed: The Holy Spirit proceeds as Spouse” from God the Father and proceeds from God the Son as “Mother.” The Holy Spirit Proceeds in divine “Humility” that scripture states is “Wisdom.”;)

If you think the Church’s Teachings are outdated then perhaps you need to be reminded of the Glory be Prayer that was added at Fatima to the Holy Rosary. Fatima gave many graces and one was a warning to the world the devils last attack would be on sacrament of Marriage and the family.

The Glory Be Prayer reminds us all that the law aka Torah that was given to the Jews in the beginning of time and is fulfilled in the Catholic Church is intact “…as it was is now and forever will be world without end, Amen” At this time let us recall how God dealt with the abominations of Sodom and Gomorrah. God does not change neither does His teachings they are only fulfilled in the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.


Peter the Roman

You LGBT better read that name again and realize who is addressing you.

More on of Fatima teachings on

PS in Closing the Church is looking for those saints who are putting up a good fight. Not a perfect fight but putting up a good fight. A fight that is spiritual but fought in the physical world as to lead others up the stairway to Heaven in sainthood

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