Its a no brainer why Church teaches its a grave sin to be a member of secret societies as well as derivatives such as fraternities and sororities. There oaths come with curses.

This next pic is focused on how the freemasons entered in to the Church. Stayed tuned because there will be more to unveil!!!


Peter the Roman


Fatima Pope

ps. Continue reading to the END as to address any Heresy accusation.

The reason why there is A all out war to destroy the traditional family is because it is the most perfect Image of the 1 God in 3 divine person. The traditional family perfectly emulated the one God in three divine persons. Sons as it says in Galatians smeans both male and female. Holy Spirit proceeds from the God the Father as Spouse and From God the Son as Mother. The Holy Spirit proceeds in divine Humility that scripture stayes is wisdom.



Prepare yourselves for a “Wind of Change”

THIS IS NOT HERESY. This information does not contradict Church teaching or those writings by saints or fathers of the Church that referr to the Holy Spirit as “He.” The Holy Spirit aka the “eternal” Immaculate God is Masculine by divine position of Authority!!!

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