I was watching Protestant talk show in which they discussed how they believe the law was completed with Jesus and the law is not fulfilled in the Church as Catholic’s know.

We know that one of these Jewish laws is in regards to a child calming father inheritance. This law is found in the Jewish tradition that says a child can NOT claim the fathers inheritance unless the child identifies the mother who she then has to intercede on their behalf by identifying the rightful child to the rightful fathers inheritance. (The reason are specific to why this is). This law didn’t end upon Christ life death and resurrection. Christ did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it as to allow the opportunity to do so as well in His image.

This law is fulfilled in Christ Church when one acknowledging the Mother of God who is perfectly and infinitely infused with the Fiminine Holy Spirit. The law is raised from the Natural world to the supernatural.

By claiming this infusion one acknowledges the Femininity Holy Spirit as the 3rd person of the Trinity who was made one with the Blessed Virgin Mary. She certainly is not God however for Christ to be born God hand made Her as one with the Immaculate God also know as the Holy Spirit.

Jews know of the femininity of the 1 God as Sophia which means wisdom. However Jews could never explain the femininity of the 1 God found in the third person of the Trinity as taught by the Catholic Church.

The Jewish law is also fulfilled when Protestant convert and claim the Holy Spirits infinite confusion with the Immaculate conception thus acknowledging Her Crown Of Coredemptrix.

Without one acknowledging the twos infinite infusion She as one can not intercede to say a souls has the Universal truth and intercede to make a souls rightful claim to the eternal Fathers eternal inheritance,,,, This is why outside the Catholic Church there is no Redemption

When She Acknowledges a soul she confirms that souls rightful position as the inheritance of the True eternal God,,. Jewish law is fulfilled on a spiritual level inside the Church making Catholic’s perfect in Image of Christ. Rebelling against the Church or Her teaching is in Image of the Beast 666 meaning me, myself and I know more about salvation than Christ Church.


Peter the Roman


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