Celebrating Our Lady of Lourds with the unveiling of a few mysteries

Feb 11 the Church celibates Our Lady of Lourds. Most know this divine because of the miracle healing water from a spring that seen to songs spontaneously come up. Most people missed or have forgotten very important details of some of the messages. One was Our Lady foretold that science would lead to prove, clarify And give greater understanding of God. Many did not link the actual science of water that made this apperition so special. For example science has proven that water is the universal solvent. Church has always taught baptism by water cleanses all sin from the soul. Science has proven what the church knows on a universal level which water is essential for life. The Church always knew that the consumption of water is essential for hydration and homeostasis of physical life as well as it is  essential for spiritual salvation in baptism by being the universal solvent for sin and


Science also names water H2O which is how the church orders the divine Trinity grouping the masculine Father with the Masculine Son followed by the 3rd feminine person the Holy Spirit. The science of the molecular farmular as places the two positive H ions in a group of being the first 2 as in H2 the followed by the negative 2 ion.

One can easily see that the masculine Father and Son are represented by the +2 or H2 in the molecular naming followed by the – charge which represents the feminity of the Holy Spirity in Oxygen. The kicker is the magnatude of the feminity represented is 2 or -2 for 2 × the femininity which is where the phrase the “Power of the Holy Spirit” comes from. This magnatude is 2 because the feminine holy Spirit within the Trinity proceeds from the Father as a spouse in humility and she proceeds from the Son in humility of being Mother. The Father and Son masculinity comes from their divine intellect which is why a Father assumes role of head of the house hold. One of Fatima mystery was that the Holy Trinity feminity and masculinity is the perfect image of the One God as three divine persons as seen In the Holy Family.


When the Masculinity and femininity of the Trinity or added up +1+1-2(spouse-1(+) Mother-1) the human mind can understand how the one God is neuter or equal to 0. All three faiths know that the one God of Abraham is nether male or female however God made man in His image thus making them male and female.

The science of water having high specific heat meaning takes alot of energy to change its temperature proves scripture of God is slow to anger.
Please read article if this is confusing.

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